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Quick Tips

Navigate the GIS Map
  1. Use the zoom panel on the left, or hold Shift & drag to zoom to an area.
  2. Use the hand tool to move around the map.
Select Parcels and View Details
  1. Use the Property Search form to search appraisal data.
  2. Zoom in to view parcel outlines.
  3. Using the hand tool, click parcels for property information.
  4. Use the drawing tools to select parcels along lines or polygons.
    Press Delete or Ctrl+Z to Undo, Ctrl+Y to Redo, or ESC to cancel.
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Use Property Search to search by Account Number, Owner Name, or Street Address.

TaxNetUSA Pro members can view search results on the Interactive GIS Map.

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Map Results

1 Visit the Property Search tab above and enter a search term.

2 Press the Results tab or the blue Search button to view search results.

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  2. View and Download Results

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