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Our property tax search tool allows you to access public property records and instantly purchase a tax certificate. TaxNetUSA’s intuitive interface is your one-stop shop for accurate tax certificates from any jurisdiction in Texas.


Your new favorite property tax software solution. QuickAppeal is an innovative property tax appeal tool for commercial and residential properties. Designed for property tax consultants to help you build an equity case that brings your client a reduction.


Look up any property and find out who owns it. This mobile app provides real time property look-up, from anywhere. WhoOwnsIt gives you in-the-field real estate data. The perfect software for real estate investors, agents, and more.


Need reliable real estate or property tax consulting software? Access the ultimate research and marketing tools, including advanced real estate assessment data, interactive GIS maps, property tax look up, and more with TaxNetPRO.

About Us

We’re a real estate data company providing comprehensive property tax information online for a quarter century.

TaxNetUSA is the best real estate data provider in Texas. Founded in 1996, we’ve worked hard to become the leader in property tax information.

Created by property tax professionals, TaxNetUSA provides real estate property search software, tax assessor property search tools, and other innovative tools to businesses throughout the real estate and property tax industries. Our clients get unlimited access to the most accurate property tax information.

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Advanced property research and marketing tools.

Search with GIS Map Tools

Search more than 11 million property public records, view property tax maps, and more with advanced criteria unavailable anywhere else, seamlessly integrated with accurate GIS parcel maps.

Download/Print Results

Our real estate property analysis software allows you to find all the property data you need and download a custom dataset to import into your office software, or print mailing labels directly.

Improvement Sketches

Real estate and appraisal sketch software like no other. No more recreating floor plans just to calculate square footage. Ready-to-view building footprints are available for residential homes and commercial buildings in most counties.

Property Data Solutions

Property data, your way.

Along with our software solutions, our residential & commercial real estate data aggregator lets you access property data exactly how you want it.

Bulk Licensing

Appraisal and assessor data, collector and delinquent tax data, GIS parcel data, and more. If you need property data in bulk, we’ve got you covered.

List Match & Append

If you have a list of property owners, CAD account numbers, or street addresses, we can match your list with CAD data and give you the rest.

Web Service APIs

Integrate your software with our data with real-time machine access via our real estate API using XML or JSON queries and responses.


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