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The source for property tax information online for over a quarter century.

TaxNetUSA was founded in 1994 and has since become the leader in property tax information for the state of Texas and beyond.

Created by property tax consultants, we serve the real estate and property tax industries with innovative tools and unlimited access to the most accurate property tax information.

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Solutions and data for your industry.

Along with our software solutions, we provide multiple ways for you to access property data exactly how you want it.

Software solutions

Solutions include advanced search of appraisal data, interactive GIS maps, tax certificates, a mobile app, and much more.

Industries we serve

TaxNetUSA offers products and services for Tax Consultants, Insurance Agents, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Professionals, and more.

Bulk data / Web API

Appraisal and assessor data, collector and delinquent tax data, GIS parcel data, and more. Get your data in bulk, or integrate with our web API.

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