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Put the county appraisal data to work for you.

TaxNetUSA was built by tax consultants, for tax consultants. Over 25 years later, we continue to build innovative tools and provide accurate and timely appraisal data to our property tax agent clients.

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We have a solution for you.

Quickly pull a comp report for the ARB with Quick Appeal. Use TaxNetPRO to pull comps based on advanced search criteria and map tools. Or download the raw data and work your magic.


Innovative equity appeal tool for commercial and residential properties. Designed for property tax consultants to help you build an equity case that brings your client a reduction.


The ultimate property research and marketing tool. Advanced search fields, interactive GIS maps, and more with TaxNetPRO.


Get a custom or bulk data set of appraisal and/or GIS data, standardized in a common format, ready to import into your database or software.

Quick Appeal

Quick and easy equity appeals.

Generate comps based on criteria you set, and quickly put together a report to help your case for a reduction.

Filterable data

Quick Appeal is designed to be a tool in your hands, not a box that you have to fit into.  Depending on the county that you are working in, you can set parameters such as the distance to the subject property using the radius field.

Visual adjustments

If you are a visual person, the adjustable selection tool will help you quickly remove the comps that are hurting your reduction case. The blue “ADJ” line at the top is your new adjusted proposed value.

Export and Print

If you would like to make additional adjustment calculations using Excel, you can click the Export button at any time in order to download the subject property, comps and the fields you have selected into a spreadsheet.


Advanced property research and marketing tools.

Find new clients

Find residential property owners that have been over assessed, and high-value commercial clients that are unrepresented. Create lists of potential clients and reach out.

Review existing clients

Easily find all the properties that you represent with TaxNetPRO. Save a list to reference every year when planning your protest approach.

Create comparable lists

Pull comparable properties using the many advanced search options available with TaxNetPRO search and interactive GIS maps. Download and import into your favorite software.

Bulk Data

Just need the data? We’ve got you covered.

Get a bulk data set of certified or preliminary appraisal data to import into your software.
Or, work with our Web API to pull real-time data directly into your system.

Appraisal Data

Property ownership data, along with deep data from the appraisal district and certified or preliminary values, standardized in a common format. Get it all, or limit to your specific criteria.

Web Service API

Real-time machine access via web services using XML or JSON queries and responses. Identify a particular property by name and address, or receive detailed information based on the property’s CAD account number.

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