Quick and easy equity appeals.

Finding the data you need to identify comps for your subject properties requires the right tool.

Quick Appeal is fast, up to date, and designed to help you build an equal and uniform protest that brings your client a reduction.

Have it Your Way

Create appeal reports your way, every time.

Set up Quick Appeal to pull comps and generate reports based on criteria you set.

Set your defaults

Quick Appeal gives you the ability to customize your defaults to match your equity approach. This allows you to save some time for repeated use and only get the comp selections you need to get the best reduction for your clients using your personal expertise.

Visual adjustments

If you are a visual person, the adjustable selection tool will help you quickly remove the comps that are hurting your reduction case. The blue “ADJ” line at the top is your new adjusted proposed value.

Filterable data

Quick Appeal is designed to be a tool in your hands, not a box that you have to fit into. Target comps by setting a Mile Radius, Property Class, Quality, Condition, and much more. Available filters may differ depending on the county.

Manual adjustments

You have the ability to remove specific outliers that can skew the proposed adjusted value you are looking for. By getting rid of these, you can make a specific and accurate case for your equity appeal.

Export and print

If you would like to make additional adjustment calculations using Excel, you can click the Export button at any time in order to download the subject property, comps and the fields you have selected into a spreadsheet.

Whitelabel branding

Wanting to share your reports? Take advantage and upload your logo so that the report will be branded with your name and company logo. 

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