GIS and appraisal data to find ownership records and more.

Download lists of homeowners along your existing pipelines, and along proposed routes with TaxNetPRO.

Already using GIS software such as ESRI ArcGIS? Order a custom county parcel file with ownership data, and import into your system.

Easily find property owners along a route.

Draw out multiple pipeline route proposals to compare the impact on property owners.

Integrate GIS parcel and ownership data into your existing software system or database with custom bulk data.


The ultimate property research and marketing tools. Advanced search fields, interactive GIS maps, and much more with TaxNetPRO.


Get a custom or bulk data set of appraisal and/or GIS data, standardized in a common format, ready to import into your database or software.


Advanced property research and marketing tools.

Over 60 advanced search fields and world class GIS mapping tools are at your disposal.

Land owner research

Easily find property ownership along routes with interactive GIS maps. Draw multiple proposed routes for easy comparisons.

Download & print

Download your custom data set and import into your office or print design software. Or, print mailing labels directly.

Personalized reports

Print detailed property reports to give to your prospective clients, personalized with your logo and contact information.

See how TaxNetPRO can streamline your research

Draw your route, download the owner list, and import into your database or mail merge software.

Bulk Data

Just need the data? We’ve got you covered.

Get a bulk data set of certified appraisal data to import into your software.
Or, work with our Web API to pull real-time data directly into your system.

GIS Parcel Data

Using GIS software such as ESRI ArcGIS? Order an import-ready parcel shape file, with embedded appraisal or delinquent data.

Appraisal Data

Property ownership data, along with deep data from the appraisal district, standardized in a common format. Get it all, or limit to your specific criteria.

Web Service API

Real-time machine access via web services using XML or JSON queries and responses. Identify a particular property by name and address, or receive detailed information based on the property’s CAD account number.

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