Collector Data

Tax assessor / collector data and delinquent tax bills in a standardized format.

Get all the data, or just what you need – in a bulk download, custom project, or on-demand via Web API.

Enhanced Data

Collector data, optionally joined with GIS parcel shape files.

Get collector data and delinquent tax bills in one or more counties, joined with GIS parcel data, in a standard format.

Tax Collector / Delinquent Data

Up-to-date property tax data with delinquent tax bills, directly from the county tax assessor/collector.

GIS Parcel Data

Using GIS software such as ESRI ArcGIS? Order an import-ready parcel shape file with appraisal data attributes.

Get it Delivered

Bulk downloads or real-time access – it’s your choice.

Get a bulk data set, ready to import into your software.
Or, work with our Web API to pull real-time data directly into your system.

Web Service API

Real-time machine access via web services using XML or JSON queries and responses.

Bulk Licensing

Download complete state or county datasets, or tell us exactly what you want.

List Match & Append

Give us a list of addresses, and we’ll give it back to you with all the data you need.

Property data. Made for your business.

Learn more about how custom bulk data and other solutions can change the game for your business.

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