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Qualified Home Insurance Leads using TaxNetUSA

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Prospecting using Deed Dates and Refining Search Results

I am going to use Fannin County in my example. I went to my Pro Account (it has over 40 ways to search property records) and searched on Deed Dates of February and March; since the deed date corresponds to the date they had to initiate coverage on their home, therefore that is when their current policy will expire. The result is 3,594 properties. Now, I could stop here, download those records and prepare a mailer; or, I can further narrow the list.

Refine Your List

With your Pro Account you can take search results and refine them, in fact, as many times as you like. I’m going to now narrow this list down a little and say I only want single family homes (so no mobile homes, commercial structures, townhomes, etc). Now the list is 1,211 properties; this way I won’t be wasting time and money sending mailers to people who are not in my market. By the way, I could have just as easily have said show me ONLY mobile homes, or ONLY commercial buildings etc. I can further refine my list by saying show me only homes that have the homestead exemption (so I don’t deal with rental houses, again not wasting money), and now the list is 712 properties. I could stop here, but I’m going to refine it one more time by selecting only the properties in Bonham - that brings us to 183 properties.

Perhaps I am going to do a mail and call campaign. Let me show you how to be even more efficient with your time and money. One more time, let’s refine those search results to those over the age of 65. Now your list is 74 properties in Bonham. Now send out 109 mail pieces to your first group and with the remaining 74 people that are over the age of 65, simply call them - they ought to be home. Now this is a targeted campaign that makes the most of your time and money; and these people are ready to buy now.

Download Your List

The list of downloaded properties can be opened with many tools, including Excel. We provide you with roughly 60 pieces of data so you can customize your letter by inserting selected data, if you wish, into the body of your letter. It could be as simple as, “and since your over 65 you qualify for even more discounts”, or “since your home is under 10 years old”, or as complex as improvement values.

Mobile Homes Only Please

Again, using Fannin County. I used my Pro Account and searched on Deed Dates of February and March. The result was 506 mobile homes. I then refined my list by saying show me only those with a homestead exemption (renters aren’t my target). Now I have 245 mobile homes. I can either stop here and download my results, or further narrow the list by nearly 40 more sets of criteria ie city, year built, improvement value, etc. This is a powerful tool to let you target a specific group and generate a specific number of prospects. Tighten the criteria for less, loosen it for more.

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